A verification site is a site that verifies information in various manners, such as being able to look up a user’s name and address. This could be from a social networking site, or maybe from an emailing system. The information verified can be used for spam filtering and other things such as these.

There are many reasons why a site might want to have a verification site. Perhaps, the person it is trying to give their email address to is someone they don’t know, or maybe they just don’t want anyone else to get their email address. In either case, a verification site is a good thing to have. Here are some of the ways that a verification site can help out.

Spam filtering. All spam should be removed from the internet. It is no secret that certain groups and companies tend to send spam on the internet, even though the laws have been put in place to make it impossible for these companies to do so. A verification site allows companies to tell users that they are not associated with spammers. It also allows users to report spam to the right sites.

Reverse lookup. This site is a valuable tool for people that get lost in the thicket of an email address. By using a verification site they can find out who the owner of the email address is, and then go through the process of having them banned from the emailing system.

Address finder. If someone is sending emails to you but they are never receiving them back, this is a great site to use. People often get into trouble because they are asking for money too fast. By checking to see if the email address belongs to a verified user, they will not accidentally waste their money on the wrong person.

Deleted emails. Sometimes people delete emails after sending them, and this can lead to people getting into serious trouble with the law. Since so many people leave spam and junk mail behind, there is a lot of lost mail that has been left behind by people who have gone on to create a fake identity.

You can also set up your own site for verification purposes. The key is to make sure you only use sites that offer real information, and not just data dumps.

All in all, verification sites are a valuable service. With a verification site you can see if a name is a match for an email address, and for deleted emails you can get to know more about who the sender is. If you are going to have verification services on your site, you will want to make sure that the sites that you use offer real information and not just a link to a company website.