If you are on the look out for a great weekend getaway, a trip to Lohan Athens is for you. Lohan Athens is one of the oldest villages in Greece and offers a wonderful perspective of Greek life. It is filled with historical sites and large multi-story buildings. You can also find old churches here that are a must-see.

There are many activities to do while in Lohan. It has a lovely walking trail that allows you to experience the way the locals used to live in the past. You can see ruins of ancient homes and even come across some of the country’s most spectacular natural beauty.

While you are in Lohan, you will be surrounded by the smells of sweet fruits and spices. You will be close to the well-known Lagan grottos that have been home to many cultures for centuries. You can go around the amazing panoramic views of the surroundings as well as the Lagan church itself.

The laganeus was built by Simonides the elder. This is the first church of the Lagan civilization. You can also take a trip into the underwater world through some of the dive centres that offer a large number of different experiences.

On a day trip, you can also enjoy a sightseeing tour of the surrounding areas. You can see the Makedonski Church, where Jesus preached some more, with its fascinating stained glass windows.

The village boasts a swimming pool and a gymnasium, so you can get a complete workout while staying in a comfortable atmosphere. You can spend some time here in between your day in Lohan.

While you are in Lohan, you will also see how life has changed over the years. The villas and homes have all been restored, while the houses look similar to the originals, but have been completely renovated.

Katerini is a charming town that is full of beautiful historic sites and museums. You can easily spend some time wandering through the elegant street art, stroll up and down the narrow cobblestone streets, or visit the stunning shopping area. The beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea makes the destination one of the most popular places to visit in the whole of Greece.

If you wish to travel into the modern world, there is plenty to do in Katerini. The city has a metro station, cafes, five different hotels, museums, cafes, markets, boutiques, and art galleries.

If you want to delve into the culture of ancient times, you can take a trip to Omonia, the oldest settlement in Greece. While there, you can also go to some of the best museum and historical sites in the area. There are two other villages nearby, which you can visit if you wish to get out of the beaten path.

One popular option is to take a hot air balloon flight, from Katerini to the village of Kallista. After a satisfying flight, you can stop at the two ancient churches of the village, which are visited by thousands of people every year.

If you wish to avoid flying, an all-inclusive vacation package is also available to plan your trip. Most packages include meals, sightseeing, activities, and transportation from the airport to the resort.