How long is it since you allowed yourself to dream? Dream! Often in our busy lives, we forget to take time out and allow ourselves to Dream.

Whether it’s Big Dreams, Little Dreams, Outrageous Dreams, Impossible Dreams or even plain old Day Dreams, sometime in our busy lives we must give our self permission to Dream OUR Dreams. Remember you are a unique individual, a rare commodity, and your Dreams are unique to you.

It is up to you to follow your DREAM. If you think back over your life, I am sure you will be able to cast your mind back and think, “I often Dreamed” about that!” The question is how many things have you Dreamed about ~ and that is exactly what you did. DREAM and nothing more?

When we were children it was easy to Dream, nothing was impossible and we had no obstacles blinding us to achieve anything we Dreamed about.

It is only as we mature that we let the world and the pessimists blind our “Vision” for the future. Dreams are “a wild fancy of hope”, “images”, “emotions”, “sensations”, all unique to us.

Whether we follow those Dreams is entirely up to us. It is our choice, we decide whether to follow our dreams, whether to put them on hold as just a fantasy that we could never achieve.
Or to even allow the “Dream Stealers” pop up from everywhere to dampen our spirits.

It is the Dream we decide to follow that becomes our VISION

Dreams are our Vision for the Future!
A “Vision” is the mental image produced by our imagination. What is your vision for your future?

· Are you stuck in a rut?
· Have you attained all of your Dreams?
· Have you got a long-forgotten Dream hidden away in the back of your mind?

Have you got new Dreams that are nagging you to give them a run? Or even an old Dream that occasionally re-surfaces, and then you put it back into the deep recesses of your mind?

Maybe today is the day that you decide to follow your Dreams! Maybe you just need a little nudge to allow yourself to take some “quiet time” and plan to start taking action to make your dream become your REALITY.

Time to stop and listen to your heart, listen to the still small voice

Get yourself a cup of coffee, a pen and paper, put your feet up, get “in the zone” and let your mind go wild. Remember Dreams are your Vision to your future.

By the way, you are allowed to change your Dreams. It is always your choice to remain the same or to start Dreaming and growing and moving forward with your life.

Once we reach our Dreams it is time to Dream some new Dreams, bigger ones, better ones. We can always improve every area of our lives, so ask your self the questions.

· What do I Dream of?
· What do I want?
· What areas of my life can I improve on?

Family ~ Friends ~ Finance ~ Business ~ Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit ~ Emotions ~ Contribution ~ Travel ~ Adventure ~ Property ~ Big Boy’s Toys ~ add to the list as you go.

These are your Dreams make them BIG, make them huge, make them as wonderful as you want them to be!

· Looking back at your life, what would you change?
· Looking forward to your life what are you going to change?
· What have you done?
· What are you going to do?
· What gets you Excited?
· What gets you Passionate?

These are just some ideas to get your juices flowing. C’mon these are your Dreams make them BIG! Whatever makes you and your family happy and adds benefits to your life should be high up on your Dream List.

Life is all about choice. Prioritize your dreams and remember, “whatever your mind can conceive, you can achieve, if you believe”.

Don’t look back with Regret, look forward with Excitement

Dreams are your first step to Vision, which is your first step to Goal Setting!

Dreams are just Goals without a time frame on them. It’s time to put your Dreams into play….. time, to start moving towards your lifetime goals….. time, to reach the finish line. Without Dreams, we cannot set goals and without goals, our Dreams cannot become a REALITY.

Time to go Dream Building ~ Make a Dream Book buku mimpi 2d!

· Test Drive the latest model car you Dream of
· Visit the million-dollar mansions that you would like to live in
· Alaskan Cruise
· Caribbean Cruise
· A shopping trip to Hong Kong, London, Paris, Rome, New York
· Round the World Trip
· Diamond Cartier Watch
· Christmas in an Austrian Castle
· Christmas at the North Pole
· Beautiful Prada bag
· Speed boat
· Jetski
· Helicopter
· Flying Lessons
· New set of Golf Clubs
· Make a six or seven-figure income from home

You get the picture… “DARE to DREAM Big Dreams” and make the list long. Then set some goals….. Goal Setting can help make those DREAMS come true.

“If you don’t have a DREAM….. How are you going to make a DREAM come true?”

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